Call for participants from the UK

Are you interested to join our next Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Play for Peace Istanbul Youth Exchange in August? Young people from the UK, Turkey, Portugal and Romania will be joining us for the first Youth Exchange under the RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace project. The second youth exchange is planned in Portugal for September 2022. To be … Continued

Global Day of Parents

Like no one else, parents and caregivers shape the experiences that build their children’s brains and set them on a path towards healthy development. Parenting is too big a job for parents and caregivers to do alone. They need support to give their children the best possible start in life. The LAB4GE’s partners unite to … Continued

Erasmus+ Matrix Youth Exchange in London

Participants from the UK, Georgia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have joined us for our ErasmusPlus Youth Entrepreneurial Competence Matrix (Matrix) Youth Exchange in London. Through different activities, participants got to know each other better, as well as found out more about the project and its objectives. In addition, they have been introduced … Continued

Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps London Dialogue Event

More than 25 participants from the UK, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have joined us for our Erasmu+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps Dialogue Event in London. Through different activities, participants got to know each other better, as well as found out more about the project and its objectives. In addition, they have been … Continued

International Day of Families

Today, on International Day of Families, the partners of the LAB4GEproject celebrate all families. We recognize that on the gender equality agenda there is still progress to be made. Family law is 1 of the 4 legal frameworks that we must reform to accelerate our progress toward gender equality. Some family laws even hinder women’s … Continued

LAB4GE Newsletter 3rd Edition

In the third issue of the #LAB4GE Newsletter, Asfar and partners have decided to give the floor to the voices that are too often unheard, those of women entrepreneurs. Each project partner did an interview in their country to present you with these inspiring testimonies, with female founders of how they did set up their … Continued

Study Visit Italy

Asfar has participated in the second Participatory Visit in Italy: Transfer of Associone Sud’s best practices. During the first day, the LAB4GE partners have been introduced to the SUD methodology and have visited an “arazzi” exhibition in Palazzo Ducale. They have also met with the president of the Volunteering Associations Centre in Martina Franca. The … Continued

Digital Talks: Ordinary Heroes, an educational peacebuilding program

Our next Digital Talks: Ordinary Heroes, an educational peacebuilding program will be on the 18th May at 3:30pm UK/4:30pm CET with Tatjana Milovanović and Benisa Bibuljica from PCRC. Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) is a leading non-governmental organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), internationally recognized for its innovative approaches to peace education, transitional justice, violence prevention, and … Continued

World Press Freedom Day

As we join together to recognise World Press Freedom Day, the Partners of the LAB4GE project focus their attention on combating the additional disadvantages women face in their access and participation in the world of news and reporting. More women are needed to help promote gender diverse reporting and a balanced and non-stereotyped portrayal of … Continued

International Workers’ Day

For International Workers’ Day, we celebrate the hard-working women and men in the world. The partners of the #LAB4GE project, commemorate all the women at work anywhere in the world. At a time when gender equality has seen needed changes in labour laws and the work environment, we are now standing in a crisis that … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Climate change, Sustainability and NGOs’

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Climate Change, Sustainability and NGOs’ will be on the 4th May, 5pm UK/6pm CET with Emma Ferraris and Jacob Allard. Emma and Jacob will be discussing one of the most pressing challenges of modern times – Climate Change. Join us and find out why this issue is important and how can … Continued

World Earth Day

On this World Earth Day, the #LAB4GE Partners take the opportunity to highlight the role of women in fostering a healthy environment on Mother Earth. The link between Gender Equality and the environment is oftentimes overlooked, but it is important to acknowledge the interconnectedness of the two;“ Achieving gender equality represents the best opportunity we … Continued

RESOLVE: Life after Brexit London event

The RESOLVE: Life after Brexit London Dialogue Event has been implemented in mid-March 2022. For 5 days young people from the UK, Hungary, Turkey and Germany have joined together to learn more about Reconciliation for Development and basic peacebuilding and reconciliation methods like the Conflict Assessment Tools and Conflict Management styles. They have also participated in … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Gender and Transitional Justice in Colombia’

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Gender and Transitional Justice in Colombia’ will be on the 20th April 2022, 3pm UK Time/4pm CET with Louis Monroy-Sandander. The Digital Talk will focus on a study of gender and transitional justice in Colombia, looking at how informal, grassroots activism has helped embed gender considerations regarding trauma healing, breaking the silence … Continued

Call for participants from the UK

Join one of our next London Dialogue Event or youth exchanges to: Learn more about the topics the different projects aim to cover Opportunity to meet Speakers & share your thoughts & opinions Connect & Engage with young people from different countries Help international participants have a fantastic cultural experience in London become eligible for … Continued

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