TAYA – call for participants

During and after the so-called “Summer of Migration” an unprecedented number of refugees entered the European continent, which led to a broad right – wing backlash on societal as well as political levels. This caused the common idea of European solidarity to dwindle and nationalism to thrive, while public attention towards the suffering at European … Continued

Social Action project: Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories is a project by Angela Stoddard, an ESC volunteer in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the project RESOLVE: Volunteer4Peace, working in person with Svitac Bosnia and online with the RESOLVE: Network. Inspirational Stories 1 – Asmir Husić, Roma Activist Asmir Husić is a Roma Activist. He works in the NGO sector to support … Continued

Social Action project: Eating together

Eating together is a project by Malcolm Lowe, an ESC volunteer in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the project RESOLVE: Volunteer4Peace, working in person with Svitac Bosnia and online with the Resolve: Network. This project is about how food can bring us together, but also how it can divide us. In the coming months, there … Continued

Continues Professional Development training

Over the last two weeks, Asfar has organised Continuous Professional Development training for our International Project Officers. During the training, they were able to develop basic facilitation skills to support the delivery of learning, gain team leadership skills for Youth Exchanges and other Mobilities and were introduced to Mentoring and the Mentor-Mentee relationship in supporting … Continued

Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK”

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK” will be a round table with three speakers: Far Mira Gerlach – Operations Manager and Youth Welfare Project Manager at Refugee Rights Europe Sarah M. Hughes – Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Human Geography at Northumbria University Aladdin Aljian – Originally from Syria, is currently … Continued

Woman of the Week – May

Woman of the Week is BACK! Every Monday we will be celebrating an inspiring women from history, or the present day, particularly highlighting women who have been overlooked and marginalised. Today’s #WOTW is Christina Adane, a 17-year-old Ethiopian activist based in the UK who is working to promote free school meals for children and put … Continued

LAB4GE Newsletter – Edition 1

Last October we started the project Learning Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality or simply LAB4GE, a KA2 Strategic partnership project supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.Despite the difficulties we faced because of the COVID-19 crisis the partnership still shares the same values: stand for gender equality, and look … Continued

LAB4GE – Flyer available

Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality (LAB 4 GE) is a project aimed to exchange good practice on Gender Equality and empower women entrepreneurship among adults, educators and staff members of the organizations. If you are interested to learn more about the project, Asfar with project partners has just published the … Continued

Join the Youth Board!

The RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing currently has vacancies for Youth Board members and Country Representatives for young people aged 18 to 30. The opportunities are digital, so a Country Representative or Youth Board member can be from any country. For more information on the RESOLVE: Network and the Youth Board opportunities, check out the … Continued

Local Actions – Global Change!

Local Actions – Global Change! Inspirational webinar Do you want to SEE a change in the world? We will TELL you, how we work on it, and we will LISTEN to your ideas! Join the online event of the project ’Global learning through digital stories’, and meet enthusiastic young people from the UK, Israel and … Continued

Building a gender-equitable world: Media literacy, digital storytelling and social action towards achieving SDG5

The Building a gender-equitable world: Media literacy, digital storytelling and social action towards achieving SDG5 Online Activity is organised as part of the RESOLVE: New Youth Order project, providing an opportunity for youth leaders to engage and share their thoughts, opinions and participate in democratic practice. As a RESOLVE programme, this Online Dialogue Activity will mobilise … Continued

Gender Equality for a restored Earth

Women’s empowerment is key to reducing climate change Empowering women and girls in developing countries ranked second among 76 solutions for curbing global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, according to a new report by the climate research organization Project Drawdown. Gender equality in health and education hasn’t received much public attention as a climate solution, … Continued

Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Life after Brexit

The RESOLVE: Life After Brexit Online Dialogue Activity is a skills development & dialogue focused activity where young community change-makers and local peacebuilders can share views and develop skills in order to shape the future of their communities. The RESOLVE: Life After Brexit Online Dialogue Project is designed to support youth leaders to represent themselves to … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘The state of the art of resilience’

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘The state of the art of resilience’ will be by Jo Wilkie, an intercultural psychologist Jo is an intercultural psychologist and expert in the promotion of resilience, mental health and migration and facilitating intercultural dialogue. She is passionate about resilience and helping people understand it and build on it in their lives.  With her husband, she … Continued

International Seminar on Digital Storytelling

Asfar is happy to invite young people from the UK to apply for the International Seminar on Digital Storytelling, organized by the project partners, in July 2021 in Israel. The project specifically focuses on young people who are from 18 – 24 years old and are facing socio-economic barriers.This activity is organised through our ALF … Continued

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