International Women’s Day

Today, on International Women’s Day, the Partners of the LAB4GE project unite to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. We use this occasion to raise awareness of the work that is being done to empower women and their achievements as well as to #BreakTheBias and forge women’s equality. “The story of … Continued

Call for participants for London Dialogue Event

Few places available for participants from Germany, Cyprus, Hungary and Slovakia. Are you interested to join our next Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Life after Brexit Dialogue event in London and meet young people from the UK, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus, Turkey and Germany? RESOLVE: Life after Brexit is a skills development and dialogue-based activity which aims to bring … Continued

Digital Talks: Why volunteer with Asfar?

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Why volunteer with Asfar’ will be on the 2nd March, 5pm UK/6pm CET with Emma Ferraris and Jacob Allard. Join us for our next digital talk with Emma and Jacob, who will be discussing the benefits of volunteering abroad. After completing a short-term ESC project in Sarajevo in the Summer of … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘How can cancer effect a young adults education’

Our next Digital Talks: ‘How can cancer effect a young adults education’ will be on the 23rd February, 5pm UK/6pm CET with Sadie Blood. After Being diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of her second year of university, Sadie faced the overwhelming mental and physical effects of the illness and it’s treatments. Through this Digital … Continued

Women and Girls in Science Day

Women and Girls in Science day is the occasion to celebrate their active contributions to global knowledge through history even though it has been mainly kept invisible. “We cannot grow into what does not exist”. This is why visibility and role models are of tremendous importance to bring up the next generation of female scientists … Continued

Female Genital Mutilation

The Female Genital Mutilation is a violation of women and girls’ human rights that involves the partial or total removal of external female genitalia or another injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The practice is present all over the globe and still happens in Europe even though the laws condemn it. The … Continued

Call for participants for RESOLVE projects

If you are a young person (18-28 years old) from the Upper-Drina region (Pale-Prača, Goražde City, Foča-Ustikolina, Višegrad, Foča, Rudo, Novo Goražde, Čajniče) Asfar would like to invite you to participate in our RESOLVE event in Sarajevo: RESOLVE Dialogue Event –  from the 14th-22nd February 2022 The event is designed to support young people from … Continued

International Traineeship – Q&A session

Asfar is organising a Q&A session as part of our Turing Scheme funded International Traineeship project. The International Traineeship project is a 3-month work-based traineeship focused on Management skills, including Continous Professional Development (CPD) & training, for young people from the United Kingdom. Asfar has 7 fully-funded International Traineeships available with our trusted international development … Continued

Call for participants from the UK

MATRIX is a young social entrepreneurship development programme, which aims to develop entrepreneurial competencies of future Social Change-Makers through boosting their personal, professional and socio-economical development and also reduce youth unemployment and raising the quality of their lives. Email your interest to until 3rd February 2022. If you have already expressed your interest you … Continued

International Education Day

In the context of the COVID-19, we became particularly aware of the impact of the Gender Digital Gap that limits Women and girls’ access to education and training during their life. Today the Partners of the LAB4GE project call for action across Europe to promote online and face-to-face access to education to ensure women’s rights … Continued

Short-term volunteering placement

Asfar’s RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace – short term project is a 2-month volunteering placement project focused on supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network – a youth-led peace network, as well as supporting the personal & professional development of young people including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and addressing local key social issues … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Being a Team leader’

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘Being a Team leader’ will be by Bruno Pizzini. The Digital Talk will focus on what does it mean to be a team leader on Asfar’s events and what are the top qualities of a team leader. Also, Bruno will explain what are the responsibilities as well as the benefits and … Continued

Social action: ‘Representation in liminal space’

After studying Economics and Modern History at university, Siobhan has chosen to volunteer with Asfar and Svitac in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Identity politics had been at the heart of Siobhan’s studies, with a particular geographical focus on Southeastern Europe and the Former Yugoslav States. The culmination of her university career was marked by her … Continued

Call for participants from the UK

The RESOLVE: New Youth Order project is designed to support young people to represent themselves to decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, and ensure young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, addressing the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe. Email your interest to until 22nd January 2022. If you have … Continued

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