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The Wall, is a place for all young people, volunteers, staff and partners involved in an Asfar-led international learning and volunteering programme: to express their thoughts, feelings and to tell both Asfar and others about their experiences whether it be during an:

  • International Traineeship;
  • Youth Exchange;
  • Volunteering;
  • Training; or
  • Peacebuilding activity.

Feel free to post your memories, photos and videos here.

A complete immersion in to an inter-cultural and creative environment. – 6 months in Romania with International traineeship

My experience in Romania has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with meaningful encounters, cultural immersion, and enriching collaborations. During the initial months, I dove headfirst into the local culture, organizing workshops and participating in various art projects. Throughout my stay, I embarked on an art residency at a school for children outside mainstream education, … Continued

Exploring life in a megacity – International Traineeship with Sivana Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia

Over the past three months, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to live and work in Jakarta, Indonesia, thanks to Asfar’s International traineeship program. Here I worked for the Sivana Foundation, a local education NGO dedicated to empowering disadvantaged children through innovative educational initiatives. I worked across a range of projects from researching international funding to … Continued

The transformative power of global education – International Traineeship with Anthropolis in Hungary for 6 monhts

Living in Budapest for six months was a truly unique experience for me. By working with Anthropolis I learned a lot about the transformative power of global education and digital storytelling. I could clearly see the importance and value in the work I did, and how these projects have the potential to change the lives … Continued

Expanding Horizons: Reflecting on my 3-Month International Traineeship with the Center for Knowledge Management in Skopje, North Macedonia

Participating in Asfar’s International Traineeship program with the Centre for Knowledge Management programme has been an amazing experience for me. I had many responsibilities and worked on several EU research projects; working with partners from all over Europe including Belgium, Italy, France, and Estonia. The Work introduced me to a lot of new concepts and … Continued

A Journey of Traineeship and Inspiration in Istanbul – 3 months Turing Scheme International Traineeships with Imece Network

Living and working in Istanbul, Turkey has been one kind of an experience for me. This vibrant and chaotic city can both excite and sometimes shock you, however I loved every single moment of this journey. Throughout my traineeship I got to know so many amazing and inspiring young people and volunteers of Imece Network. … Continued

Acquiring Invaluable Insights: Navigating International Contexts – 3 months Turing Scheme International Traineeships with Imece Network

It has been an extraordinary privilege to intern with Imece Network in Turkey through Asfar’s International Traineeship programme. Throughout this experience, I have gained profound insights into the remarkable initiatives undertaken by Imece Network for the betterment of young people. My responsibilities included facilitating weekly English-speaking sessions, managing the NGO’s communications and social media, as … Continued

Navigating European Youth Goals – My 2 months volunteering experience at MIHI in Alexandria, Egypt

During my two-months volunteering placement at MIHI in Alexandria, Egypt, I actively engaged in a gamification programme aimed at understanding and advocating for the European Youth Goals amongst young people. One notable opportunity was supporting at a meeting, where my focus was on reporting participant development within the project and contributing to the forthcoming phase—digital … Continued

Being more present and grounded in a new place – 2 months in Egypt, with MIHI

I cannot express just how grateful I am to have spent the past two months in Egypt. Living and working in such a beautiful setting with such committed people has been deeply enriching. During my first week in Egypt with MIHI, I attended the Conflict Resolution, Peace and Democracy training course in Siwa Oasis. Although … Continued

A common vision of Peace – 2 months volunteering placement in Cyprus

My volunteering placement with Home for Cooperation has been an extraordinary journey in an exceptional place. Located in the UN Buffer Zone, every encounter and activity has been nothing short of fascinating. From producing social media content, overseeing the set up of meetings for various EU and UN organisations, to translating Arabic and French at … Continued

Across the divide – Long-term placement in Nicosia

After doing a short term volunteering placement in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2022, I decided to return for a long term placement with Home for Cooperation. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a supportive and caring team again. I helped with tasks such as social media awareness campaigns, administration, and volunteer coordination … Continued

An experience to remember fondly! – 2 months volunteering in Brcko

Reflecting on my recent ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering4Peace placement in Brčko, I have many fond memories. It has been a fantastic experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be an ESC volunteer. When I first arrived in Brčko, I must admit that I didn’t fully grasp the significance of the location I … Continued

Fostering Unity: My Long-term Volunteering Experience in Nicosia

I had the incredible privilege of embarking on a long-term placement with Home for Cooperation in Cyprus, all thanks to the ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace project. My time with Home for Cooperation was marked by a profound commitment to bicommunal events. Together with a group of dedicated individuals, including fellow European Solidarity Corps (ESC) … Continued

Beauty and resilience in the people and the places – 2 months volunteering in Brcko

I want to share with you some of the amazing experiences I had during my time volunteering with Svitac, a non-profit organisation that promotes peace-building through integration with people in the multiethnic region of Brčko. I joined Svitac through the ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace project, a programme that offers young people the opportunity to … Continued

One of the most memorable summers of my life- 2 months volunteering in Brcko

I have recently returned from 2 months volunteering at a local youth centre in Brčko in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the European Solidarity Corps volunteering for peace program. Despite having researched Brčko prior to travelling I honestly didn’t really know what to expect from the placement– however it has undoubtedly been one of … Continued

International Traineeship with Q-Schools in Israel

I have really enjoyed my two months working in Tira, Israel as part of the International Traineeship project with Q-Schools. Working with children aged 3-7 was extremely rewarding, and the parents, teachers and administrators were incredibly kind and in no time I felt welcome and a part of the team at the nursery. The experience … Continued

A Summer of Diversity and Growth in Istanbul – 3 months Turing Scheme International Traineeship with Imece Network

Working in Istanbul over the summer through the International Traineeship project was an incredible experience. I had multiple interesting roles working for Imece Network such as leading an English-Speaking Club as well as creating social media posts for the company. The experience also allowed me to travel not only around Istanbul but other areas of … Continued

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