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The Wall, is a place for all young people, volunteers, staff and partners involved in an Asfar-led Erasmus+ programme: to express their thoughts, ideas and to tell both Asfar and others about their experiences throughout a programme, or a particular international activity, whether it be Youth Exchange; Volunteering; or Training.

Feel free to post your memories, photos and videos here.

Discovering a different EU

Erasmus+ Resolve Peace Camps was a reconciliation dialogue event which I attended in Nicosia (Cyprus) with participants from different countries: UK, Georgia, Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary and Spain. During a week and from multidisciplinary groups we have discussed and reflected about the Cyprus conflict. We also have attended different speeches from organizations that are actually working … Continued

Youth Exchange in Tbilisi 2021

I participated in RESOLVE: Equity youth exchange in Tbilisi. It was a project for me where I listened to various opinions about gender equality and gained different experiences. I had the opportunity to learn about new perspectives on gender equality. Thanks to Asfar projects, it contributes to us being more equal and high-aware individuals. At … Continued

“You are responsible for everything you have bonded with until you die,” said the fox… (Little Prince)

I don’t know where to start to explain my thoughts about the RESOLVE: Life after Brexit project. But I think I should start with my thanks first. To Asfar and İmece for implementing this project; I thank Sheniz, Bruno and Viki for their hospitality there. I think the other point I have to thank again … Continued

Time Never Comes Again

I wanted to start my words by stating that the RESOLVE: Life after Brexit project in Budapest I went to is my first project and it has a special importance for me. Budapest was indeed a wonderful city. It had many historical buildings, magnificent streets and valuable people. Joining this project has brought me a … Continued

7 month ESC experience in Sarajevo!

In September 2020 I moved from the UK to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 7 months to work with the RESOLVE team. Before I moved I knew little about Sarajevo but I soon fell in love with the city and its people. The Asfar team introduced me to a number of wonderful … Continued

10 brilliant months in Brčko

I am sad to be finishing my volunteering in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I’m really glad to have come here and spent 10 months. I came with the hope of learning some new things, and meeting some nice people, as well as expanding on my existing interests in Balkan languages and food. I did … Continued

Youth Exchange in Tbilisi

I participated in RESOLVE: Equity youth exchange in Tbilisi. It focused on gender equity which we still need to put a lot of effort into in our communities. I had the chance to interact with people who have different opinions and experiences about gender equality. It was mind-opening for me. It helped me gain new … Continued

Khinkali & Kisi in Georgia

In October 2021 I visited Tblisi, Georgia, as part of ASFAR’s second youth exchange since the pandemic. After a very long year of zoom meetings, zoom fatigue, and virtual ‘hangouts,’ it was lovely to be able to meet new people, in real life again! Because of the travel restrictions for people coming back into the … Continued

ESC Volunteering in Sarajevo

My time working for the RESOLVE: Network in Sarajevo has been distinguished by ceaseless opportunities for personal and professional development, in a setting that was new, exciting and challenging. In particular, the city provided scope for me to explore and question my own lifestyle, whilst immersed in a culture that is multi-faceted and different to … Continued

Summer in Sarajevo

It is hard to summarise two months of new experiences in a short post, nevertheless, I hope I am able to do justice to the places, people and activities I have come to know in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My longstanding interest in cultures and people, coupled with my ambition to work internationally in the future, … Continued

Sarajevo Youth Exchange 2021

In June 2021, I travelled to Sarajevo, Bosnia for a youth exchange. I met young people from Sarajevo and Azerbaijan too, we all got on very well and took part in many activities throughout the week. I really enjoyed learning about the city from the young people and visiting the historical landmarks such as the … Continued

RESOLVE: West – intercultural learning and travelling again!

I had a memorable, interesting and challenging week in Sarajevo. Along with participants from Azerbaijan, the UK and Bosnia, I took part in some really fun activities, such as a scavenger hunt and relaxing in nature. In addition, we had more serious but nonetheless important workshops where we expressed our feelings, our relationship with conflict, … Continued

RESOLVE: Social Action

I am working on a community issue that I relate to and wanted a space to do more research in an informal way and the RESOLVE: Social Action project gave me the perfect platform to do so. My mission is to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of black youth by confronting the obstacles holding … Continued

Amazing Experience in Georgia

  It was amazing experience to be part of Georgia youth exchange. I met with many great people and we had great times. I learned new ways of communication with people and how to recognize a country and their culture where you travel. I had great memories in Georgie. I can say it has changed … Continued

Erasmus+ 2019 experience

I would like to thank Jenny and Sheniz for the opportunity to be in this project! The Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Sport activity to Georgia was very productive. We saw many interesting places, discussed many important topics and met many great people. I liked the interactive part of the program the most. I am really happy for … Continued

My Asfar Internship experience

My name is Louis Monroy, I am a Colombian political scientist with an interest in postconflict reconstruction and transitional justice issues. A part of my research has dedicated to understanding the experiences of the Western Balkans and Bosnia-Herzegovina in particular as a way of looking into the opportunities and challenges of peacebuilding in divided societies. … Continued

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