Asfar has mobilised Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Skills as part of our volunteering, internship and RESOLVE programmes since 2019.

Every volunteer, whether volunteering for Asfar or on an ESC Volunteer programme, are invited to participate in Continuous Professional Development skills training and mentoring.

From 2021, this will be expanded to our wider VET and youth programmes.

Asfar’s CPD Skills are designed to ensure that our volunteers understand the benefits of Continuous Professional Development and recording learning and work-based experiences, while also creating an individual action plan as a base for personal and professional development in their careers.

Asfar’s CPD Mentors provides guidance on how to develop a volunteers’ first CPD and also how to identify suitable training and development opportunities.

In some cases, Asfar will provide financial support to a learner to assist them to achieve their CPD development objectives.