The RESOLVE: Network Partnership was launched in December 2017, bringing together a group of NGOs and CSOs interested in developing youth-focused reconciliation and peacebuilding projects aimed with addressing the rise of the Right in Europe and beyond.

The Youth wing launched in November 2018, during our first RESOLVE youth exchange in Sarajevo.

The RESOLVE: Network Youth Wing, has its own Youth Board who are in charge of making key decisions for the Youth Wing of the network, international youth co-designed activities and ensuring the ethos of the original youth network is sustained and developed.

Both the Youth Wing and the Partnership works towards the same core objectives, with the Youth Wing deciding on its own youth objectives.

The RESOLVE: Network connects:

  • Young Leaders
  • Reconciliation, Youth & Community Professionals
  • Sectorial NGOs
  • Strategic Stakeholders (i.e. Decision-makers)
  • Academics & others

The network aims to bring people together dedicated to community reconciliation and committed to transnational reconciliation collaboration: mobilising elements of the RESOLVE Model to achieve the network’s ultimate objectives.

The learn more about the RESOLVE: Network visit our Projects sections or email