Asfar with RESOLVE: Network partner NGOs and Civil Society Organisations, including Debate for Peace, will hold a youth-led peace conference in Sarajevo between 17th September and 19th September 2024. Building upon our RESOLVE projects, delivered between 2018 and 2023, the RESOLVE: Network 2024 Conference, funded by Asfar, will support the sustainment of our peacebuilding work with partners and our young volunteers, as well as our key stakeholders throughout Europe, the Caucasus, and Middle East and North Africa.

Furthermore, with the UK’s withdrawal from transnational learning programme, Erasmus+, the conference will also ensure UK youth still have the opportunity to engage with other young people from different countries and benefit from transnational learning opportunities.

The conference will hold three days of activities, each day with a different theme:

  • Day One: Youth in Peacebuilding
  • Day Two: Remembrance and Storytelling
  • Dy Three: Inclusion in Peacebuilding

The RESOLVE: Network Conference 2024 key objectives include:

  • Sustaining a Global Conversation on the State of the World, discuss concerns for the Future, and identify steps to Improve/Influence the Trajectory of Global Developments, including the SDGs, and promoting the Role of Youth in achieving this.
  • Connecting concerned young activists from all over the world, peer young people, youth organisations and peacebuilding NGOs , as well as wider key stakeholders.
  • Mobilizing young people, youth organizations & other delegates to brainstorm ideas to impact positively the trajectory of the world.
  • Developing delegates’ skills in peacebuilding and reconciliation.
  • Promoting & facilitating a feeling of youth-led social action and cooperation.
  • To sustain the UN75 spirit of 2020 and to mark the UN Summit of the Future 2024 through holding the fourth RESOLVE: Network Youth Conference.