A Journey of Friendship, Learning, and Exploring Diversity – International Traineeship in Egypt

Egypt was a fascinating and beautiful place I got to call home for 6 months. I am so greatfull for all that this experience taught me, and the change it has bought out in myself. The traineeship was challenging but I am so pleased to have been able to share this time with Lois and Bassant, who became great friends.

From Siwa to Alexandria, I was able to teach art, creative writing, journaling and mindfulness workshops;creating engaging and informative social media post, photograph MIHIs activities and projects, build a digital archive or intangible cultural heritage in Alexandria and support MIHI in administrative tasks. I was also able to travel across much of the country, through Sinai to Dahab, to Cairo and the Aswan and Luxor.

I have no doubt I will return to Egypt to continue to peruse my curiosity and love for this place.

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