Asfar CIC is a dynamic international NGO and social enterprise, established to offer development opportunities for Young People, Women and wider Communities in Europe; the Middle East & North Africa; the Caucasus; the Balkans and beyond, through: Reconciliation for Development; Volunteering & Social Action; a youth-led e-Journal; Educational, Skills development and Training programmes, including Digital training; Cultural Learning and Youth Exchanges.

Asfar also delivers Women Economic Empowerment programmes; Gender Equality activities; International Strategic Cooperation projects; and aims to support regional NGO’s with their capacity building through Development Consultancy.

In 2019, Asfar supported over 400 young people transnationally in 12 different countries and 75 women social entrepreneurs in North Africa.

In the same year, we launched NGO AsfarEurope in Estonia, which focuses on the Baltic, Russia and wider mainland Europe. To learn more about AsfarEurope visit here.

Since 2018, a key area of our work has been youth development through our RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Development model, mobilising conflict resolution competencies and wider professional and personal development skills, through Reconciliation, Peacebuilding and Learning methods.

Methods include: Sport for Peace activities; Interfaith Dialogue; Simulation Games; Play & Theatre workshops; and wider forms of reconciliation learning techniques.

Development Consultancy services

A key area of Asfar’s work, aside from direct delivery, is our NGO and Social Enterprise consultancy services unit. Consultancy services include:

  • Capacity building social enterprises and fellow not-for-profits, Civic Society Organisations and NGOs;
  • Offering technical advice on Quality Assurance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Assessment, Strategic planning;
  • Project Management and implementation;
  • Local, National and International Partnership development and the foundations of partnership networks;
  • Project design, bid writing and fundraising.

To learn more about our Development Consultancy services, visit here.

Asfar’s History

Established in 2011/2012 as a youth-led volunteer-based project which founded Asfar’s Middle Eastern e-Journal (check out the e-Journal here).

In 2013, Asfar launched as a social enterprise and NGO in order to support more young people and communities, especially those seeking employment guidance and who would benefit from cultural, enterprise, employability and international volunteering projects.

Between 2013 and 2020, Asfar has further developed to offer more services to our young people, their communities, while also providing opportunities for 100s of volunteers both in Europe and the rest of the world.

Asfar, and now AsfarEurope, works locally and internationally, to provide opportunities for Communities especially Young People in the UK, the Middle East & North Africa and since 2014 the Caucasus and the Balkans, through Volunteering & Social Action; Educational & Enterprise programmes; Reconciliation projects; Cultural activities; and Youth Exchanges, to: Engage, Inspire and Develop themselves.

In 2021, Asfar launched its new Youth Board, a youth-led leadership team, designed to ensure young people are influencing key decision-making processes, while also safeguarding our original values and objectives through offering youth volunteering opportunities within our Asfar’s leadership.