A key area of Asfar’s Youth programmes focus on citizenship, volunteering and social action.

Asfar encourages young people and young adults involved in our programmes to learn about their citizenship; what it means to be a citizen; and their civic responsibilities connected to this citizenship.

Citizenship is a privilege, which some young people do not benefit from, for instance refugees and displaced communities. Asfar’s programmes support young people to understand their responsibilities and opportunities available through being a young citizen today.

Citizenship activities include:

  • Visits to Parliament
  • Meetings with Decision-makers & Public figures
  • Workshops on Citizenship and Democracy
  • Self-representation training
  • Social Action project design workshops
  • Youth Democracy projects

Asfar also encourages and support Young People to actively get involved in giving back to their communities through volunteering and social action. Asfar welcomes volunteers to get involved within our own organisation and can also support young people to volunteer locally. From Autumn 2015, Asfar hopes to launch our first international Volunteering project for young people and young adults.

Asfar embeds Social Action training within all of our programmes, to support participants to develop their own Social Action project, whether it be on a local, national or international level. Incorporating Enterprise skills, Information and Guidance, as well as Mentoring, Asfar supports young people to launch their own unique socially beneficial projects within their own communities.