Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps London Dialogue Event

More than 25 participants from the UK, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have joined us for our Erasmu+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps Dialogue Event in London.

Through different activities, participants got to know each other better, as well as found out more about the project and its objectives. In addition, they have been introduced to Reconciliation for Development and key peacebuilding concepts by Sheniz Tan. During the second part of the day, they participated in a RESOLVE Scavenger Hunt in London.

During the second day, participants were introduced to some basic peacebuilding and reconciliation methods like Conflict Assessment Tools and Conflict Management styles. As well, they have met Jo Berry. Jo Berry has founded the charity ‘Building Bridges for Peace and is an international speaker and workshops facilitator committed to bringing peace to the world. Jo is also an executive committee member of Uniting For Peace which promotes a culture of peace, non-violence and sustainable development.

During the third day, participants visited Europe House and got an understanding of the European Union and how it works as well as the values of the EU and the European Parliament. The second part of the session delivered by Involver was a debate activity. They have also visited St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. The workshop was facilitated by one of the managers and participants were able to deeper understand the 4 values that underpin the centre’s work and discuss more about conflict transformation and reconciliation.

During the final day of the Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps project, participants planned a social action campaign to raise awareness about reconciliation and why they think reconciliation is an important process.We would like to thank all the participants for their participation, commitment and inputs they have provided during our Dialogue Event in London. We hope we meet again soon.

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