LAB4GE Newsletter 3rd Edition

In the third issue of the #LAB4GE Newsletter, Asfar and partners have decided to give the floor to the voices that are too often unheard, those of women entrepreneurs. Each project partner did an interview in their country to present you with these inspiring testimonies, with female founders of how they did set up their enterprise in Europe.

The interviews include:

  • Farkas Imola and Nadasdi Katalin, artists and designers (Hungary)
  • Iolanda Chirico (Refugee Cafe)
  • Maria Cristina Rizzo, Le Costantine Foundation (Italy)
  • Andrea Platero, Asocciacion Con Valores (Spain)
  • Ditte, Founder of the Centre for Magtanalyse (Denmark)
  • Silvia Ganescu, Baby’s Room (Romania)

We hope you will find the third edition of the LAB4GE Newsletter useful and stay in touch with our team!

The full Newsletter can be found below:

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