LAB4GE Participatory Visit in Spain

Asfar has participated in the third Participatory Visit in Spain: Transfer of I-Box’ best practices.

During the first day, the LAB4GE partners have been introduced to the I-Box methodology and have visited “Espai Dones i Igualtat” (EDI) – a woman protection service.

In the afternoon they have been joined by Grúas Rigar who talked about the implementation of an Equality Gender Plan in a Man ́s Sector company. During the final session of the day, they have been introduced to the WOMCA Methodology and played diverse games related to breaking the fears of being an entrepreneur.

During the second day, I-box presented the WECAN Methodology and shared their experience in Coaching Entrepreneurs. and the partners have organised a Management meeting.

The final day in Spain was dedicated to different visits. Firstly the partners had a meeting with the President of the Women Entrepreneurship Association of Valencia and spoke about Gender challenges at work and the reasons why women become entrepreneurs. After this they paid a visit to the Women ́s Cooperative “Terra de Pa” and Bellas Artes Museum to visit the Women ́s Room.

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