Short-term volunteering placement

Asfar’s RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace – short term project is a 2-month volunteering placement project focused on supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network – a youth-led peace network, as well as supporting the personal & professional development of young people including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and addressing local key social issues … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Being a Team leader’

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘Being a Team leader’ will be by Bruno Pizzini. The Digital Talk will focus on what does it mean to be a team leader on Asfar’s events and what are the top qualities of a team leader. Also, Bruno will explain what are the responsibilities as well as the benefits and … Continued

Social action: ‘Representation in liminal space’

After studying Economics and Modern History at university, Siobhan has chosen to volunteer with Asfar and Svitac in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Identity politics had been at the heart of Siobhan’s studies, with a particular geographical focus on Southeastern Europe and the Former Yugoslav States. The culmination of her university career was marked by her … Continued

Call for participants from the UK

The RESOLVE: New Youth Order project is designed to support young people to represent themselves to decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, and ensure young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, addressing the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe. Email your interest to until 22nd January 2022. If you have … Continued

International Traineeship – Info Day

Asfar is organising an Info Day as part of our Turing Scheme funded International Traineeship project. The International Traineeship project is a 3-month work-based traineeship focused on Management skills, including Continous Professional Development (CPD) & training, for young people from the United Kingdom. Asfar has 7 fully funded International Traineeships available with our trusted international … Continued

Social action: Quality Education

The Socal action SDG4: Quality Education is a project by Emily Posner, an ESC volunteer in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the project RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace, working in person with Svitac Bosnia and online with the Resolve: Network. Over the coming months, this social action project will focus on quality education throughout the world. … Continued

International Day for Human rights

On the International Day for Human Rights, the LAB4GE’s partners unite to recognise the advancements made globally for Women’s Human Rights and also invite stakeholders to be aware of the specific challenges met by women to fully access their rights, particularly in the context of COVID-19, where they have been particularly vulnerable to the socio-economic … Continued

Call for Action – RESOLVE: Young Changemakers

Interested in leading your own social action project? Would you like to be responsible for a social action project budget and make decisions on how it is spent? RESOLVE: Young Changemakers programme aims to assist the sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network and the subsequent social action activities in the UK via providing a youth-led initiative … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Opportunities with Erasmus plus: An Introduction to the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2022’

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘Opportunities with Erasmus plus: An Introduction to the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2022’ will be by Bruno Pizzini & Emina Hasanagić from Asfar. The Talk will be at 5 pm UK Time / 6 pm CET on Wednesday, 22nd December 2021. Register in advance:

RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – short-term

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – Short term is a volunteering placement project with the aim of supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network, a youth-led peace network offering young people from the UK (& in other countries) to volunteer on the network, supporting their personal & professional development and developing the … Continued

LAB4GE Participatory Visit in Denmark

Last week Asfar participated in the first Participatory Visit in Denmark: Transfer of InternCollege’s best practices. This is the first Participatory Visit organised as part of our #LAB4GE project and it brought together partners from 6 European countries (UK, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Romania and Spain). During the 4 days, the hosts presented the Equal Start Methodology as … Continued

International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women – 25th November

As countries implemented lockdown measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, violence against women, especially domestic violence, intensified – in some countries, calls to helplines have increased five-fold. At the #LAB4GE project we advocate for the End Violence against Women campaign, a multi-year global effort aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women and … Continued

Asfar e-Journal – Call for contributions

Asfar is looking for contributors for the Winter 2022 edition of the Asfar e-Journal! If you are interested in writing an article on the Caucasus, Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa get in touch at The e-Journal focuses on the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa or the Caucasus. Articles can be on … Continued

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