RESOLVE: Life after Brexit London event

The RESOLVE: Life after Brexit London Dialogue Event has been implemented in mid-March 2022.

For 5 days young people from the UK, Hungary, Turkey and Germany have joined together to learn more about Reconciliation for Development and basic peacebuilding and reconciliation methods like the Conflict Assessment Tools and Conflict Management styles. They have also participated in a Simulation Game, MORE and learned about Conflict Management Styles based on the Thomas – Klimann Model.

In addition, they have met with Andrew Hadley, Centre for International Learning & Leadership, Olga Ambrosiewicz, EuroPeers UK about what is the role of Young People in the post-Brexit world. As well as with Jo Berry, Building Bridges for Peace, an international speaker and workshops facilitator committed to bringing peace to the world.

We would like to thank all the participants for their participation, commitment and inputs they have provided during our Erasmis Plus RESOLVE: Life after Brexit Dialogue Event.

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