RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – short-term, Israel

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – Short term is a volunteering placement project with the aim of supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network, a youth-led peace network offering young people from the UK (& in other countries) to volunteer on the network, supporting their personal & professional development and developing the local network in their host countries.

The Volunteer also supports the host partners’ local goals, delivery objectives and community work.

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace, will ensure the sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing and provide support and guidance to ensure the local RESOLVE: Network continues, while promoting the values of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Volunteers through Debate for Peace have the option of supporting youth empowerment and conflict resolution in a range of activities, including:

  • English tutoring and/or language exchange for Arabic and Hebrew speaking students
  • Research on a range of Model UN and international relations focused subjects for conferences
  • Social media channels, photography and videography of student meetings
  • Updating and contributing content for websites (DfP and possibly partner organizations), including having articles published under your name
  • Research on academic scholarships for graduating high school students, as well as other opportunities for Israeli and Palestinian students
  • Finding potential grants and awards and writing or editing bids
  • Teaching or group facilitation (once requisite experience is verified)
  • Observing and taking notes on intercultural or diplomatic meetings
  • Initiating contact with additional embassies
  • Additional programs at your initiative/suggestion

If you are interested to join one of the opportunities, please email Asfar’s Team with your CV and fill in the Official application form.

More info available below.

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