Study Visit Italy

Asfar has participated in the second Participatory Visit in Italy: Transfer of Associone Sud’s best practices.

During the first day, the LAB4GE partners have been introduced to the SUD methodology and have visited an “arazzi” exhibition in Palazzo Ducale. They have also met with the president of the Volunteering Associations Centre in Martina Franca. The afternoon they have spent in Taranto where they had a meeting with the association “Noi&Voi” which works with refugees and supports them to return to society as well as with the founders of Ammostro – a local social enterprise. During the final session of the day, they met with teachers and students from the University of Bari – Department Taranto and with the Volunteering Associations Centre in Taranto. During this session, they shared their work on the Gender Agenda.

The second day the LAB4GE partners spent in Bari and had a meeting with the representatives of the municipality about their work on the Agenda for gender equality of the Puglia region. During the second part of the day, the partners have met with migrants and refugees through the association “Origins” and have organized their monthly project meeting with all partners.

During the third day the LAB4GE partners first visited the “Fondazione le Constantine” which works on vocational education, and women entrepreneurship in a rural area. This was followed by the visit to the “Le Constantine” exhibition in Lecce.

We would like to thank our host partner Associone Sud for hosting us, as well as the members of the Civil Service of Martina Franca. We are all looking forward to our next participatory visit in Spain.

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