Erasmus+ Matrix Youth Exchange in London

Participants from the UK, Georgia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have joined us for our ErasmusPlus Youth Entrepreneurial Competence Matrix (Matrix) Youth Exchange in London. Through different activities, participants got to know each other better, as well as found out more about the project and its objectives. In addition, they have been introduced to Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship by Emina Hasanagić. During the second part of the day, they participated in a Scavenger Hunt in London.

During the second-day participants developed creative thinking, teamwork and collaboration skills through the activity Build a Tower. This was followed by the Spoon 101 activity where they have started thinking innovative and outside of the box, so they can develop new business ideas. After the break they started thinking about the demands from their local community and through a workshop found out what the entrepreneurial mindset is and what are all the competencies an entrepreneur should possess.

In the second session, we were visited by Alex Sergent, director of Catch Creative and former BBC broadcast journalist. Since the inception of Catch Creative has overseen the production of 1000 + films and animations. Projects range from one-off films to long campaigns consisting of multiple productions over extended time periods.

During the third-day participants went to a museum and started thinking about entrepreneurial initiatives that a museum can and is organising. These days museums and cultural institutions are applying entrepreneurial principles to encourage inquiry, drive innovation, and transform themselves into modern organizations that are poised to take advantage of today’s enormous opportunities. During the second part of the day, participants have organised an intercultural event.

On day four, participants have done a social action activity. They found and documented instances of social entrepreneurship initiatives in London. The social action videos are available below.

During the final day of the Erasmus+ Matrix youth exchange, participants showed their social action movies and were also introduced to the business model canvas, and after a discussion visually presented their business models, highlighting all key strategic factors.

We would like to thank all the participants for their participation, commitment and inputs they have provided during our Erasmus Plus MATRIX Youth Exchange in London. We hope we meet again soon!

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