Tbilisi and Sumela: diversity and monastic magic

After nearly 11 hours on the road, our inter-city bus rolled up to the outskirts of Tbilisi. Exhausted and disorientated by the strange journey, I was dropped off at the bus station, and took a taxi to Avlabari district, bidding farewell to my fellow passengers. Finding my hotel’s street, at first I was hesitant as … Continued

Editor’s note – April 2013

Asfar’s second e-Journal brings together eighteen unique submissions, by a diverse group of new Writers and Photographers. Since our first e-Journal in December 2012, Asfar has developed rapidly as a voluntary organisation, growing from a team of just 6 volunteer Editors to 17 Editors all charged with an individual country. Thanks to the dedication of … Continued

Ani, the lost capital of the Armenians and the road to Tbilisi

Journey on the Eastern Express I boarded the train at Haydarpaşa station and was directed to my carriage, my home for the next 2 days. Its archaic style, a 1960s Pullman carriage, amused me instantly. With the seating area to the left, which pulled down into beds, a large table incorporating fridge and a sink … Continued

Editor’s Note – December 2012

Asfar was established for two key reasons. First, to promote interest in the Middle East in a full range of subjects, beyond politics and international relations. Second, to encourage aspiring writers; photographers; thinkers; editors; and others to develop their skills and promote their talents on an accessible platform – an online journal. The e-Journal is … Continued

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