RESOLVE: East – London 2019

This month, Asfar hosted the Erasmus+ RESOLVE: East London youth exchange. The final transnational activity before Resolvers (participants) return to their own country and finalise their plans to deliver their own local social action activity between February and March 2019.

During the London RESOLVE: East activity, Resolvers met with Peacebuilders, such as Jo Berry, founder of Building Bridges for Peace (, built a peace tower, learned how Sport can be used as a tool for peace and development and visited Europe House and participated in a Involver ( organised BREXIT and conflict resolution activity.

Groups from Georgia, Bosnia-i-Herzegovina, Turkey and the UK, engaged, learned new skills and together developed into Community Peacebuilders throughout the programme and this was most evident during the final youth exchange and RESOLVE: Network meeting. With the final planning elements in place before each national group leads their own community social action activity, participants were very keen to make plans on how to sustain the network beyond the lifetime of the project through social action.

RESOLVE: East is due to end in April 2019, however, the next RESOLVE programme launches in late February 2019. To get involved apply here –

To learn more about RESOLVE: East visit –

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