Editorial Note, e-Journal March 2014

Asfar’s e-Journal, voluntary Editors and Contributors continue to dedicate their time, skills and invention to publish a fascinating and unique e-Journal, produced by aspiring writers, thinkers and photographers of the Middle East. This edition sees a range of diverse articles from: Aisa Martinex’s article and photos on Researching dress in Saudia Arabia, edited by Ruby … Continued

Researching Dress and Identity in Saudi Arabia: – ‘What a strange power there is in clothing’ – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Clothing is part of a system of non-verbal communication; it is a language of personal adornment. In addition to serving a merely functional role in covering the body, clothing differentiates us from one another, displaying and projecting our individual identities. It also facilitates social rituals, ranging from every-day public interactions to more private ceremonial occasions.1 … Continued

The Irresolvable

Background The contentious region of Nagorno-Karabakh is the centre of a conflict between two ethnic groups, Orthodox Christian Armenians, and Shia Muslim Azerbaijanis. The longstanding hatred concerning the respective populace has three periods of conflict which will be relevant, in which each period replicates the last, going through cycles of uneasy truce and outright war. … Continued

The Long Way Home: Afghanistan, the US, and the Promise of a New Silk Road

Introduction Rugged, landlocked, and lacking in major transportation infrastructure, modern Afghanistan is no friend of the modern logistician, military or otherwise. In consideration of the challenging security environment, episodic closures of the primary supply lines through Pakistan, and uncertainty over what, if any, military forces will remain in Afghanistan post 2014, one begins to see … Continued

Review – Faisal Samra: Construction, Destruction, Reconstruction

Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction 13 February – 29 March 2014 Ayyam Gallery, 143 New Bond Street 1st Floor W1S 2TP, London http://www.ayyamgallery.com/ Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Saudi Arabian artist Faisal Samra’s first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, is a deeply personal journey through the creative and perceptive processes, which combines the principles of abstraction with clinical … Continued

Saudi Arabia – In Terra Nova

In its modern iteration, Saudi Arabia has been through several crises of varying nature and intensity. But none quite resemble that which a convergence of circumstances have created in the era of the Arab uprisings. A combination of factors including the brutal war in Syria have threatened Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the United States, leaving … Continued

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