Editorial Note, e-Journal March 2014

Asfar’s e-Journal, voluntary Editors and Contributors continue to dedicate their time, skills and invention to publish a fascinating and unique e-Journal, produced by aspiring writers, thinkers and photographers of the Middle East.

This edition sees a range of diverse articles from: Aisa Martinex’s article and photos on Researching dress in Saudia Arabia, edited by Ruby Stockham, Asfar’s new Saudi Arabian Editor; to Elsien Van Pixterten’s, a regular contributor to the Asfar e-Journal, article on Women in Israeli Cinema, edited by Rosanna Rafel, Editor for Israel; a review of Faisal Samra’s Construction, Destruction, Reconstruction exhibition at the Ayyam Gallery by Leon Kuebler, Editor for Iraq; and Pragesh Vashi’s article on Sahrawi’s continued plight in Morocco, edited by Khurram Jowiya, Editor for Morocco.

While Andrew Hammond’s article entitled Saudi Arabia: In Terra Nova, edited by Ruby Stockham, provides an interesting insight in modern Saudi Arabia. This edition is also graced with two fascinating further eastern-themed articles edited by Joe Worthington, Editor for the Caucasus Region: Joe Blood’s article entitled The irresolvable, on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict; and Vincent Bernatis’ article: the Long Way Home: Afghanistan, the US, and the Promise of a New Silk Road.

It is a pleasure to continue to see the development of Editors, Contributors and the overall Asfar e-Journal publication. Asfar is always interested in talking to new contributors and welcomes new ideas and levels of skills.

I hope you will enjoy the latest edition of the Asfar e-Journal.

Sheniz Tan
Director & Senior Editor
March 2014

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