Sharing, learning, and fully enjoying the whole experience

It was a pleasure to take part in the RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace youth exchange, held in London (UK) from 30 October to 5 November 2022. I had the opportunity to participate in many different non-formal education activities, within an international group, coming from 4 different countries: Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK. I really liked the … Continued

Educational and culturally enriching youth exchange

The RESOLVE: Play4Peace Youth Exchange was one of the best experiences for me. I came back home much wiser, educated, culturally enriched and full of memories that will last a lifetime. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and for the way that Asfar Organisation managed everything: from the sessions, activities, venue, food and … Continued

Short-term volunteering placement in Cyprus

I had a great opportunity to take part in a short-term placement with Home for Cooperation and Asfar. I really enjoyed my time in Cyprus, and I was involved in the assistance and coordination of the Buffer Fringe Festival – a theatre festival that takes place in Nicosia, Cyprus across both sides of the dividing … Continued

Volunteering for 11 months in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the end of September 2021, I moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the ESC: Volunteering 4 Peace project, I became part of the community in Brčko District. Over 11 months we helped to run a non-political space where everyone is welcome. Here we hosted informal learning workshops, organised intercultural exchange projects and taught young … Continued

Volunteering in Nicosia, Cyprus

For 2 months I had the pleasure of doing the European Solidarity Corps programme with Asfar at Home for Cooperation in Nicosia, Cyprus. Working in the buffer zone was a highly enlightening experience and I really felt like I got such a unique insight, not only into the present life of the city but also … Continued

Breaking prejudices

One of the reasons that led me to participate in the RESOLVE: Play for Peace youth exchange in Turkey was the desire to deconstruct the idea that travelling to a Muslim country is dangerous. This is clearly wrong because I always felt safe and the people of Turkey are the most welcoming and kind people … Continued

Volunteering in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

My experience volunteering at Svitac (a multi-ethnic youth centre in in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina) has been beyond valuable. The opportunity to work alongside international and local volunteers to create positive changes and promote integration between youth in the local community has taught me a lot. As well as increasing my socio-political knowledge and developing … Continued

Finding inspiration in every corner of London

From the 22nd to the 28th of May I got an opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Entrepreneurial Competence Matrix”, which was held in London. The program consisted of indoor and outdoor activities, where we through different tasks could exchange our opinions, develop creative solutions and get to know each participant better. Topics … Continued

Achieving social change and working towards peaceful societies

Me (Tinatin), Nino, Dato and Irakli (From Georgia) have participated in the Erasmus+ programme “RESOLVE: Peace Camps Dialogue Event” which took place in London, in May 2022. During the programme, we gained knowledge about conflict management types and peacebuilding. For me, the most remembered day was visiting Europe House, as we had valuable experience there, … Continued

London – an amazing experience

Being in London was such an amazing experience. The city was enormous and beautiful, there were a lot of things to do! I met people from new countries and made new friends, especially the Hungarian team! They were my favourite. I was in the Spanish team, and all of us enjoyed it so much. As … Continued

Peace is Possible!

My colleagues (Ayshe, Ida, Öykü) and I have recently participated in the Erasmus+ programme “RESOLVE: Peace Camps Dialogue Event” which took place in London in May 2022. During the four-day programme, we had the chance to gain more knowledge about conflict assessment tools, conflict management styles and key peacebuilding concepts. We also had the opportunity … Continued

Discovering a different EU

Erasmus+ Resolve Peace Camps was a reconciliation dialogue event which I attended in Nicosia (Cyprus) with participants from different countries: UK, Georgia, Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary and Spain. During a week and from multidisciplinary groups we have discussed and reflected about the Cyprus conflict. We also have attended different speeches from organizations that are actually working … Continued

Youth Exchange in Tbilisi 2021

I participated in RESOLVE: Equity youth exchange in Tbilisi. It was a project for me where I listened to various opinions about gender equality and gained different experiences. I had the opportunity to learn about new perspectives on gender equality. Thanks to Asfar projects, it contributes to us being more equal and high-aware individuals. At … Continued

Time Never Comes Again

I wanted to start my words by stating that the RESOLVE: Life after Brexit project in Budapest I went to is my first project and it has a special importance for me. Budapest was indeed a wonderful city. It had many historical buildings, magnificent streets and valuable people. Joining this project has brought me a … Continued

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