Fostering Unity: My Long-term Volunteering Experience in Nicosia

I had the incredible privilege of embarking on a long-term placement with Home for Cooperation in Cyprus, all thanks to the ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace project.
My time with Home for Cooperation was marked by a profound commitment to bicommunal events. Together with a group of dedicated individuals, including fellow European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers, we embarked on the challenging yet inspiring task of brainstorming and generating ideas for these events. Our goal was clear: to foster unity and cooperation between different communities, transcending the divides that have persisted for too long.
I had the privilege of supporting Home for Cooperation during larger-scale events, and one event that left an indelible mark was the Buffer Fringe festival. As well as one of the unique facets of my placement was a training course that explored the intersection of sports and environmental awareness. Through the training courses, I delved into the concept of environmental awareness within the world of sports. The knowledge I gained during these courses opened my eyes to the immense potential of sports as a platform for promoting sustainability and ecological responsibility. This knowledge broadened my perspective, highlighting the immense potential of sports as a platform to promote sustainability and ecological responsibility. These events were a fantastic learning opportunity.

I would like to extend my  gratitude to Asfar and Home for Cooperation for this eye opening opportunity for me to work within this intercultural context and gain an insight into the international NGO sector.

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