Editorial Note – June 2018

Hello, and welcome to the June 2018 issue of Asfar’s e-journal! So much has happened since the last issue. Russia has alienated itself by interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries, the Syrian government seems to have consolidated its power over the country, and the situation in the Gulf between Qatar and the other GCC … Continued

Georgia: A melting pot of architectural styles

Georgia, the mountainous Caucasus Republic, has been conquered by Russians, Persians, Ottomans, and countless other civilisations throughout history and the drastically different architectural styles are present right across the contemporary state. On a recent visit to Georgia I was astounded by the contrasts between modern and futuristic buildings and medieval churches and monasteries – here … Continued

Welcome to Jerusalem

The day after it was announced the Trump administration would be recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Jewish Museum in Berlin unveiled their ‘Welcome to Jerusalem’ exhibition[1].  Noted by historian Simon Sebag Montefoire as the only city to exist twice, on earth and in heaven, it is the city’s religious significance which the exhibition seeks … Continued

Reconciliation through Betzavta training

My experience on a Asfar conflict resolution training programme abroad. An interview with Emma Knight   Emma participated in an Asfar international reconciliation programme called Betzavta in December 2017 and March 2018 to develop her skills both as a team leader and to manage conflict situations.     How did you hear about it and … Continued

When will I be back Ithaca? – MissFattoush

“Of course I want to go back. I had everything in Syria. A job, a house, a car, and my heart. My family, friends, they all stayed there. They think I am safe, happy. But Turkey is not the end of my journey. I survive here. Look at me! I dye clothes all day long, … Continued

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