Editorial Note – December 2015

Welcome to Asfar’s December 2015 e-journal edition. Understandably, the focus of this edition falls largely on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Regular contributor Rich Quinlan looks at the debate over the refugee crisis in Europe and North America, while Jesse Delbridge takes us into the world of big data, explaining how it is being … Continued

Husseini, Hitler, and Interlaced Fingers

Hajj Amin al-Husseini met Adolf Hitler in 1941 and has been demonised in the ensuing historiography of Palestinian leadership ever since. The photographic evidence of the meeting is a fascinating insight. The two men sit adjacent to each other with Hitler leaning in, his hands mid-gesture in an explanative manner. The Mufti sits upright, also … Continued

Asfar and Erasmus+ 2015

During 2015, Asfar held its first EU Erasmus+ Youth Exchange programmes. Organising 4 Youth Exchanges activities throughout the year in Istanbul, Turkey; Amman, Jordan; Jerusalem, Israel; and London, UK, providing cultural learning and international opportunities for over 30 young people in 2015: to participate in inter-cultural activities; learn about the EU, citizenship and human rights; … Continued

Women’s Rights in Post-Revolution Egypt, Part II

Introduction The story of the movement for gender equality in post-revolution Egypt is, unsurprisingly, complex and features thousands of key actors, incidents, failures and successes. It is an important template for resistance, mobilization, and steadfastness. The history of the women’s revolution is populated with distinct characters, whose contributions to the dialogue and wider movement, positive … Continued

The Photography of Belal Wagdy

Given his occupation, the most unexpected thing, perhaps, about twenty-year-old Belal Wagdy, is his sense of humour. When I ask him if he has ever faced harassment or intimidation from Egyptian State Security for his photography, he laughs. “Actually now I am being chased by Egyptian police. They came to my house many times and … Continued

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