Woman of the Week – July

Asfar is continuing with the Woman of the Week campaign in July. Check out every week for a new entry and learn about the achievements of woman that have been often overlooked by history.

This week’s #WOTW is Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner! Mary was an African-American inventor who is most notable for inventing the first sanitary belt, which resembles sanitary products that we still use today!

Mary faced a wealth of discrimination due to the colour of her skin, but despite this she continued to follow her passion of inventing and tried to make the world a better place.

This week’s #WOTW is Shani Dhanda! Shani is an award-winning disability specialist and is one of the UK’s most influential disabled people

This week’s #WOTW is Zlata Flilipović! Zlata is known as the ‘Bosnian Anne Frank’ and wrote a diary during the Bosnian War and the Siege of Sarajevo chronicling a child’s experience of war!

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