Woman of the Week – January

Asfar is continuing with the Woman of the Week campaign in the new year. Check out every week for a new entry and learn about the achievements of woman that have been often overlooked by history.

Kamala Harris will make history by being the first female, first black and first South Asian American to be Vice President!

This Week’s #WOTW is Mary Seacole! As a nurse and doctor in her native Jamaica, Mary was well-respected for her abilities, however, she was discriminated against for being black when she travelled to Crimea to help in the war effort.

This week’s #WOTW is Savitribai Phule, remembered as India’s first feminist and first female teacher. Phule dedicated her life to ensuring that girls would have the same access to education as their male peers, and set up India’s first school for girls.

This week’s #WOTW is Fe del Mundo, the first woman to ever attend Harvard Medical School. Fe wanted to honour her late sister by following her dream of becoming a doctor and would go on to help hundreds of children and adults.

Fe is remembered as one of the most important people in the history of paediatric care and today we celebrate her passion, conviction and her love for her work and her sister.

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