Volunteering in Nicosia, Cyprus

For 2 months I had the pleasure of doing the European Solidarity Corps programme with Asfar at Home for Cooperation in Nicosia, Cyprus. Working in the buffer zone was a highly enlightening experience and I really felt like I got such a unique insight, not only into the present life of the city but also into the country’s history and how it related to the present. Working with colleagues from both the south and the north, I got to see how they really care about working together in order to promote peace.

I learned a lot of skills, relating to administration, event planning, and interacting with lots of interesting people from different places and even got to help with the Buffer Fringe Festival which was definitely a highlight!

All in all, I was overwhelmed with the kindness of everyone at Home for Cooperation and I fell in love with the Cypriot culture, way of life and of course – the food! I would highly recommend spending time here with lovely people and helping towards making a difference for the better in this special place.

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