Turkey, Canakkale – The Gallipoli Project

In July 2016 I participated in an Asfar Erasmus+ trip to Turkey, and I am happy to say this was one of the best trips I had ever partaken in.
This trip was held after only a few days after the attempted coup by Turkish forces; however, despite the political unrest before our arrival, I felt so safe in Cannakale. Prior to the trip I was so anxious about taking part in this trip; I didn’t know anyone else who was going, I had never been to Turkey and I was suffering with anxiety quite badly at the time. However, the decision to take part was one of the best decisions I ever made! The week was full of friendships, new cultures and amazing experiences. Every single thing I learnt that week was completely invaluable. I fell in love with Turkey after that trip, the culture and the people were so hospitable and generous, and I felt they taught me more about Turkey than my studies and the media ever had.

Alongside the amazing location, trips to different sights to educate us on the Gallipolli War (First World War) and the cultural trips we had, I found the other participants played a huge part in my trip. I found it invaluable to talk and live with other young people such as myself in Turkey. I learnt so much from participants from Israel and Palestine, and felt during that week I was able to really understand all the information I was provided with throughout my International Relations degree. The Turkish participants were always more than eager to ingrain us into Turkish life, and I felt so at home with them.

Thank you so much Sheniz & Asfar for a fantastic week!

I couldn’t recommend these projects enough.

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