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I am really grateful that I had an opportunity to participate in 3 youth exchanges in the Erasmus+ RESOLVE: EAST project. I have already participated in several youth exchanges organised on some other projects and managed by different NGOs, but it seems to me that only Asfar has some long-term goals through RESOLVE project, when it comes to the activities that participants needs to maintain in their own local communities, after the project is finished.

Regarding to the previous, I want to mention that Bosnian team organised a workshop which was related to the inclusive education at the University of Sarajevo (because we motivated all students, including students with disabilities to participate). This activity was collaborative and it did not include just presentations, but also active communication between all of the students who participated. Not only that, but I think that RESOLVE project aims to develop structural problem-solving skills that participants will be able to apply in future challenges.

I also like the fact that all of the countries involved are facing with some specific and common social issues (migrant crisis, political issues, challenges of inclusion, etc.). Since many young people have participated in RESOLVE project on different activities such as volunteering, attending youth exchanges, having a chance to volunteer in some new country, it is obvious that it will be easier for all of them to spread the message and apply everything they have learned. Of course, the bonus point while participating in the RESOLVE project is meeting new people, making meaningful friendships and being inspired by new cultures and countries!

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