The Global Gender Report 2020

The Global Gender Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum has concluded that although some improvements have been made to bridge gender gaps, that globally we still have a long way to go in order to achieve complete closure of all gender gaps.

The UK was ranked 21st overall for The Global Gender Gap Index, moving down 6 places from last year. The UK’s worst ranking was for Economic Participation and Opportunity, which it placed 58th out of 153. It received this ranking due to the fact that women work in unpaid employment far more than men do and that the labour force is still more male than female.

Iceland, Norway and Finland ranked the best in terms of ‘The Global Gender Gap Index’, with the framework for the Index including four different topics in which countries can rank in: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment. Overall, the largest Global Gender Gap is Political Empowerment, with 75 out of 153 countries in the report never having a female head of state.

To find out more information about how your country performed in The Global Gender Report 2020, follow this link.

Through the Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality project Asfar is hoping to contribute to gender equality and the women’s empowerment agenda in Europe. This project is funded by Erasmus+ and more information about the project are available here:

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