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During and after the so-called “Summer of Migration” an unprecedented number of refugees entered the European continent, which led to a broad right – wing backlash on societal as well as political levels. This caused the common idea of European solidarity to dwindle and nationalism to thrive, while public attention towards the suffering at European borders decreased. One consequence of this polarization is social tensions and conflicts which rise parallel to concerns about the refugees’ plight on the one, and the well – being of European host societies on the other hand.

This project aims at training active and motivated youth workers as multipliers to implement activities addressing racial discrimination and prejudices against refugees, migrants and other vulnerable groups in their communities. Likewise, the initiative will bolster an intersectional understanding of racism and related social issues and will teach the target group how to mainstream anti-discriminatory practices and attitudes in their wider work with youth as well as their daily life.

This will take place through two Trainings:

Training I.: Fundamentals of Anti – Discrimination – Education (7 days // Stratoni (Halkidiki) , Greece // 14. – 22. September 2021)

Training II.: From Theory to Practice (5 days // Baitz ( close by Berlin ) , Germany // 5. – 11. November 2021)

Participants Profile

  • Youth workers interested in the reflection of their practice against the background of anti – racist and decolonial concepts
  • Interested in developing guidelines/handbook with state-of-art methodologies and tools for European Youth Workers
  • Age 18+

The full guide can be found here:

If you are interested to apply, register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oslgC0w3xbpIF9xnW2yahCZBA2s5NkkGPW_oDOJc7is/viewform?edit_requested=true by the 20th June 2021.

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