Social Action project: Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories is a project by Angela Stoddard, an ESC volunteer in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the project RESOLVE: Volunteer4Peace, working in person with Svitac Bosnia and online with the RESOLVE: Network.

Inspirational Stories 1 – Asmir Husić, Roma Activist

Asmir Husić is a Roma Activist. He works in the NGO sector to support the Roma community in Brčko, northern Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the country. In this podcast, he speaks to Angela about the difficulties the Roma community face and his efforts to work with the community to combat these issues.

Inspirational Stories 2 – Sam Hardman, Walking the Camino De Santiago

Sam Hardman has a passion for the outdoors and hiking. He has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Aberystwyth in Wales and currently lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. In this podcast he speaks to Angela Stoddard about completing the famous Camino De Santiago walking trek across Spain, the international friendships he made and the challenges he overcame on his journey.

Inspirational Stories 3 – Miroslava Božić, short-term ESC volunteering experience

Miroslava Bozic is from Brčko, a city in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from University with a degree in History from nearby Tuzla, she started attending the Active Youth group run by ESC Volunteer Angela Stoddard in the local Youth Centre. In this podcast, she tells Angela how she then decided to apply to do a short term ESC project in Slovenia and what she learned during the experience. 

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