Social Action project: Eating together

Eating together is a project by Malcolm Lowe, an ESC volunteer in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the project RESOLVE: Volunteer4Peace, working in person with Svitac Bosnia and online with the Resolve: Network.

This project is about how food can bring us together, but also how it can divide us. In the coming months, there will be a series of interviews with young people about cases in their countries where food has been the subject of social controversy, as well as how food can be used as a tool for togetherness and peace.

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Eating together 1 – Elmedina Fazlovic, Pita, Family and Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the first episode of the new podcast Eating Together, Malcolm spoke to Elmedina Fazlović about the importance of pita in her family, to her personally and across the western Balkan region. They talked about some of the divisions based on the word ‘burek’ and about Turkish influence on Bosnian food, as well as the ways that people from this region are united by food culture.

Eating together 2 – Eating pita together in Sarajevo

In the second episode of the podcast Eating Together, Malcolm spoke with people from Azerbaijan and the UK. They were enjoying and reviewing pita in Sarajevo during the RESOLVE: West Youth Exchange at the end of June 2021.

Eating Together 3 – Baklava with Taylan Karakya

In the third episode of the podcast Eating Together, Malcolm spoke with Taylan Karakya about the history of baklava. They also discussed which nation, if any, can claim ownership of baklava or any other dish. As well as talking about some of the best baklava Taylan’s ever eaten, they discussed the dispute between Greece and Turkey over baklava. It’s complicated, but Malcolm hopes this episode sparks conversations and encourages you to learn more about the foods we all love.

Eating together 4 – Dolma

‘In the final episode of Eating Together, there are two videos showing the making of dolma over 3000km apart, from Rahim in Azerbaijan, and Malcolm and his friends in Bosnia.

Thank you to all participants and viewers of this series.’

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