RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace, Brčko

Emily and Siobhan just finished their 10-months volunteering placement in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They have worked locally with Svitac on different projects in their youth centre, organised their own local activities but also organised activities within the RESOLVE: Network.

Emily has implemented her ‘Quality education’ project where she prepared a series of articles examining inequalities within specific countries, from the ‘two schools under one roof phenomena’ and ethnic division in Bosnia and Herzegovina, over difficulties which EAL Students in the UK face and gender education inequalities happening in Syria to the issue of disability inclusiveness in Armenian educational system. If you are interested to check out the articles, please visit this link.

Siobhan on the other side decided to implement a article series which focused on ‘liminal’ spaces (place of in-between, existing yet not entirely belonging to here or there). She covered Brčko District, a self-governing administrative unit in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Youth: Representation and Participation in the Western Balkan and Art and Identity in Peacebuilding. If you are interested to check out the articles, please visit this link.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank Siobhan and Emily for all their work in the last months and hope to see them in new Asfar projects in the coming months.

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