RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – 2 months in Nicosia

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace – Short term is a volunteering placement project with the aim of supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network, a youth-led peace network offering young people from the UK (& in other countries) to volunteer on the network, supporting their personal & professional development and developing the local network in their host countries.

The Volunteer also supports the host partners’ local goals, delivery objectives and community work.

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace, will ensure the sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing and provide support and guidance to ensure the local RESOLVE: Network continues, while promoting the values of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

RESOLVE: Volunteering for Peace placements in Nicosia, Cyprus are available in September/October and November and December for 2 participants..

Volunteers through Home for Cooperation have the option of supporting activities that foster creativity and intercultural trust in Cyprus and internationally in a range of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Support in the organization and running of events and activities hosted at the Home for Cooperation;
  • Hands-on support in the preparations for the Buffer Fringe Festival;
  • Spontaneous and organic coverage and creation of content for the Festival’s social media accounts, website and press media on Festival days
  • Support in liaising with team, artists, and volunteers during Festival days;
  • Graphic design support under the H4C Team’s guidance and training;
  • Collaborating with the H4C team, contributing to the entire project lifecycle through different tasks;
  • Support the proposal writing process;
  • Assist in conceiving and composing promotional materials for H4C Projects;
  • Support in the updating and management of the H4C E-Store;
  • Supporting communications tasks such as maintaining and updating the media database, the website, and social media.

If you are interested to join one of the opportunities, please email Asfar’s Team with your CV and fill in the Official application form.

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