RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Development online workshop

The RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Development Online Workshop will offer insights into the youth-led peacebuilding and international programme RESOLVE, as well as enable you to develop skills in conflict assessment & resolution skills and digital storytelling.

RESOLVE is Asfar’s flagship youth-led peacebuilding and international learning programme, which promotes interfaith dialogue, intercultural engagement, peacebuilding skills and opportunities to travel while learning about other countries and the conflicts they face.

During the three days, Asfar programme will specifically focus on:

– 17th November: RESOLVE background, the RESOLVE: Network & Reconciliation & Conflict assessment tools

– 18th November: Conflict Resolution techniques: the MORE simulation game

– 24th November: Digital Storytelling

Each day the workshops will start 1:30 pm UK Time/ 2:30 pm CET and last for 2 and half hours.

Register in advance:

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