RESOLVE: Peace Camps Online Dialogue Activity

More than 30 young people participated in our Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Peace Camps Online Dialogue Activtiy and got to know each other. They have discussed motivations, fears and expectations the participants had. Over the course of the 2 weeks they took part different activities including a workshop on storytelling methods and identifying our place in the community around us, such as using the activity ‘Me, Myself and My Reality’. During the second week participants shared stories from their local communities and learning how they can use digital storytelling to create a local impact.

They have also participated in the Kurkum Online Simulation Game, which involved cooperating to resolve a conflict in fictional Kurkum, whilst developing and improving negotiating skills, and thinking about conflict, peace and mediation.

During the Final day of RESOLVE: Peace Camps participants were introduced to the RESOLVE: Network and for the first time to the Youth Board. The skills they have gained, participants will hopefully be able to use during the implementation of their local social action plans which they have just started.

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