The Youth Entrepreneurial Competence Matrix (MATRIX) is a young social entrepreneurship development programme, which aims to develop entrepreneurial competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of future Social Change-Makers through boosting their personal, professional and socio-economical development and also reduce youth unemployment and raise the quality of their lives.

It will be based on Asfar's Social Enterprise Development Accelerator methodology created through the British Council's Developing Inclusive Creative Enterprises programme in 2019/2020.

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Bratislava, Slovakia

Summer 2021

London, United Kingdom

Autumn 2021

Social Action and Enterprise skills offer young people a major developmental opportunity – it offers a competency skillset which can assist them to step out of standard societal roles offered by employment or education and consider business or social entrepreneurship as a career choice.

Promoting initiative competencies, Social Action and Enterprise skills mobilizes a person’s creative skills which in turn ensures their socio-economic sustainment.

The Matrix programme focuses particularly on social change, rather than simply business leadership.

In this instance, participants will learn about Social Action and the opportunities available as Social Entrepreneurs, particularly in the social enterprise sector both locally, nationally and on a European level.


This project’s activities have been delivered in February and May 2022.

Social Action videos done by the participants can be found here.


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