The Social Enterprise Development Accelerator (SEDA) Project, funded by the British Council Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies programme (DICE) delivered between January 2019 to February 2020, aimed to develop an eco-system of support for Social Enterprises in Egypt while also capacity building Egypt’s social enterprise sector by utilizing innovation and best practice from the UK Social Enterprise sector and industries.

The SEDA Project goal was to contribute to the creation of a favourable, sustainable and gender balanced eco-system for social enterprises in Egypt, especially for women and young social entrepreneurs.

This will be achieved through:

- More women and youth occupying leadership positions in the social enterprises supported by the project;
- Targeted social enterprises are more inclusive in their market offerings.

United Kingdom

September 2019


September 2019

SEDA was achieved through 6 key actions:

– Increased number of women working in leadership positions at creative and social enterprises in Egypt;
– Increased number of marginalised individuals working in leadership positions at creative and social enterprises in Egypt;
– Social enterprise management and business leaders in Egypt more accepting towards women and youth in management positions;
– SEDA social enterprise beneficiaries increased their diversity;
– Women and young people engaged and aware of the opportunities the Social Enterprise sector offers to them as future leaders of the industry;
– Development of the Social Enterprise sector through capacity building, increasing knowledge and competences in how to mobilise a profit-making business model with social objectives and benefits in Egypt.

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