The Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace is a youth development & network mobility project which aims to use the power of reconciliation informal and non-formal learning tools such as Play & Theatre, Simulation games, Interfaith Dialogue, Mediation and Sport for Peace to resolve local and community conflict which especially affect young people from partnership countries.

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Beja, Portugal

12-18th September 2022

Istanbul, Turkey

26th September - 2nd October 2022


30th October - 5th November 2022

Timisoara, Romania

21st - 27th November 2022

Involving 4 programme country partners from diverse background, this RESOLVE partnership will support the development of young participants, the overall RESOLVE: Network and the partners and their local networks/communities involved. Plus it will
link 2 new partners to the RESOLVE: Network and to the 13+ current RESOLVE Strategic partners of that network throughout Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa.

The RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace, will build upon the RESOLVE activities delivered in 2018 and 2019 mobilising the RESOLVE Model concept, if accepted for funding, and is designed to build upon the past RESOLVE projects with particular emphasis on
sustaining the RESOLVE Network established in the Erasmus+ RESOLVE: East programme in 2018, and sustained through the 3 follow up activities while ensuring more young people from more countries gain the opportunity to develop reconciliation skills and become active Social Action champions.

From 2018-2020, Asfar team delivered 18 young exchange activities throughout Europe/Caucasus/the Middle East, and with the RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace there will be an opportunity to provide both introductory-level learning opportunities activities for
new participants while being diverse and more professional focused to suit past participants.

There will be a specialist youth-focused Continuous Professional Development (CPD) elements to support young people professional development beyond the lifetime of the programme – and introduced through using an informal/non-formal
learning approach. Throughout the activity, participants will participate on a unique transnational learning activity & will also develop leadership and team-working skills, social action and citizenship outlooks and a wide range of competences, essential
for their communities and their country.

With a particular emphasis on participants learning how to use Reconciliation skills, Play & Theatre methods, Dialogue and tools Sport tools to resolve conflicts, participants will be enabled to become the next generation of social leaders and mediators within their communities using the power of Conflict Resolution to change their societies.

Partners will mobilise a wide range of Conflict Resolution tools, such as Play & Sport for Peace. For Play methods, Role Plays, Labyrinth theatre and Forum Theatre will be mobilising, using creative informal learning methods to address conflict.

Sport for Peace and wider Sport for Development activities will build young peoples’ conflict resolution and wider skillsets.

Sport for Peace using the power of adapted sport and games to encourage peacebuilding amongst participants, and support participants to develop their own conflict resolution games.

Simulation Games are an elaborate tool for training, mocking a real-life situation and projecting the potential outcomes of an action. It involves games, role-plays, case studies and socio-drama circumstances to simulate representations of real situations. In most cases, Simulation Games are used to develop the capabilities of the players/
participants to take decisions by providing a model of reality allowing the players to create a particular dynamic that captures their interest through competition, incentives for success and a scoring component.

Another method will be Dialogue methodology, which involves connecting young people from different backgrounds, specifically faith backgrounds (whether it be faith in religion, agnostic, humanist, atheist beliefs) and build dialogue between the

RESOLVE Network – Youth Wing
RESOLVE Play 4 Peace aims to address the rise of social intolerance in Europe, the Baltic and the Balkans, as well as wider afield through the development of the next generation of community and reconciliation peacebuilders through the sustainment
of the RESOLVE Network.

The RESOLVE Network which was founded through the past Erasmus+ RESOLVE programmes & the partners involved (i.e. partner & youth wings) aims to hold regular youth exchanges and network meetings on an annual basis transnationally & more
regularly on a local basis to develop pathways of sharing best practice, co-creation & promote collaboration throughout the sector to fight xenophobia & social intolerance which especially affect young people.


During the RESOLVE: Play4Peace Istanbul youth exchange participants planned a social action campaign on the Importance of Peace. The campaing was run from early October to early December. The Campaign document is available here. Social action 1 Importance of Peace

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