Erasmus+ RESOLVE:WEST is a reconciliation youth exchange & network programme which aims to use the power of Conflict Resolution tools i.e. Simulation Games, Sport, Practical reconciliation, Mediation, People-to-people dialogue & wider tools & learning to resolve local & community-level conflicts which especially affects young people today.

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London, UK

22-28 February 2020

Baku, Azerbaijan

14-20 March 2020

Marrakesh, Morocco

23 - 29 July 2022

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

26 June - 2 July 2021

RESOLVE: West is a successor project to RESOLVE: East (2018-2019) and aims to widen the RESOLVE model delivery by engaging with 2 new partners in 2 new countries, connecting with a range of new future Peacebuilders and Leaders through the youth exchange activities and via the network throughout and beyond the project’s lifetime.

RESOLVE: WEST utilises the RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Development methods to promote youth reconciliation and wider learning methods.

RESOLVE: WEST is a small European and neighbouring partnership involving 4 partners and 4 youth exchange activities in:

London, UK: 22-28 February 2020
Baku, Azerbaijan: 14-20 March 2020
Marrakesh, Morocco: To be confirmed
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina: June 2021

This youth exchange programme aims to develop young peoples’ skill-sets, sustain a youth-led Network (which was launched in 2018) and support young people to deliver their own local conflict resolution activities through the use of Youth-lead workshops, Sport for Development tools, Simulation games, Informal learning, Citizenship & Democracy and as well as wider tools/methods.

Throughout the activity, participants will, not only participate on a unique transnational learning activity, but will also develop leadership and team-working skills, social action and strong citizenship outlooks and a wide range of competences, essential for their communities, their country, Europe and beyond!

With an emphasis on participants learning how to use Simulation games, Sport for Peace and Sport for Development tools to resolve conflicts, participants will be strong  social leaders and mediators within their societies using the power of sport for development tools to change their communities.

Partners will also mobilise wider Reconciliation tools, such as Simulation Games: a Simulation Game is an elaborate tool for training, mocking a real-life situation and projecting the potential outcomes of an action. It involves games, role-plays, case studies and socio-drama circumstances to simulate representations of real situations. In most cases, Simulation Games are used to develop the capabilities of the players/participants to take decisions by providing a model of reality allowing the players to create a dynamic situation that captures their interest through competition, incentives for success and a scoring component.

The RESOLVE: West programme will benefit 85 young people throughout the programme’s lifetime.

Participants will be aged 18 to 30 from UK, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Bosnia-Herzegovina and will have been affected by conflict and have experienced social intolerance within their communities. Furthermore, they will also be affected by socio-economic and wider disadvantages, for example unemployment, underemployed, health/disability issues, social barriers etc.

To apply, register here.

Alternatively, if you have already been involved in a RESOLVE programme, please email expressing your interest in the project.

The project has been on hold since the pandemic, however, it is hoped that activities will re-start in May/June 2021. In the meantime, learn about our digital learning opportunities on our News Updates and Social Media.

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