The European Solidarity Corps RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace programme builds upon the ESC RESOLVE: Volunteer 4 Peace and the Erasmus+ funded RESOLVE programmes delivered in 2018 onward which provided learning opportunities for young people from the EU, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East to develop reconciliation for development skills – building their skills as community-based peacebuilders, while also developing their essential competencies (i.e. Leadership/Team-working/Employability/ Effective communication/Initiative/Enterprise et al) through the launch of a youth-led peace network (RESOLVE: Network) and through the design, development and delivery of local social action activities to benefit their communities.

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Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 2021 - August 2022

Nicosia, Cyprus

March 2023 - November 2023

Eskişehir, Turkey

January 2023 - March 2023

Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

January 2023 - May 2023

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace is a volunteering placement project with the aim of supporting the continued development & sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network, a youth-led peace network offering young people from the UK (& in other countries) to volunteer on the network, supporting their personal & professional development and developing the local network in their host countries.

The Volunteer also supports the host partners local goals, delivery objectives and community work.

ESC RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace, will ensure the sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network – Youth Wing and provide support and guidance to ensure the local RESOLVE: Network continues, while promoting the values of the European Solidarity Corps programme.


The RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace project objectives for the volunteers are:

  1. Volunteer actively volunteer in Bosnia-i-Herzegovina/Israel/Turkey/Cyprus on the reconciliation agenda & support youth-led
    social action
  2. Learn about RESOLVE programmes and RESOLVE: Network
  3. Volunteer acts as chair on the RESOLVE: Network (annual chairperson)
  4. Volunteer about different types of reconciliation tools i.e. Sport for Peace; Simulation Games; Effective Communication
    for Reconciliation; Interfaith Dialogue; Mediation.
  5. Volunteer learns about Informal learning techniques to resolve conflict within their communities
  6. Volunteer learns about Social Action, Solidarity & Citizenship & the ESC agenda
  7. Volunteer supports local social action activities launched under RESOLVE: East and other RESOLVE programmes
  8. Volunteer learn about different societies to promote Social Tolerance and fight against xenophobia and conflicts
  9. Wider skills include: Leadership; Team Building; Communication; Social Awareness; as well as several wider EU Key
  10. The Volunteer will support on a wider administrative tasks related to the RESOLVE transnational strategy &

The impact of the RESOLVE: Volunteering 4 Peace will be spread over 3 tiers:

  • Development of the Volunteer – increasing their skills, competencies, job prospects and increasing their social and civic outlook
  • Support the sustainment of the RESOLVE: Network through the volunteers’ coordination of the network and its young members
  • Address social intolerance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Turkey, the UK, Cyprus through the support of local young people in their social action activities which will benefit local communities.

By developing the local network, particularly supporting young local volunteers to volunteer and run their own social
action activity, four key groups benefits:

  • The Young people directly – development of skills/initiative & social mobility
  • Members of the community – opportunities within their community (which could include skills development, social
    inclusion, improved community)
  • Civil society – a more socially active group of young people & socially beneficial opportunities within their community –
    resulting in transformational change in Bosnia-i-Herzegovina/Azerbaijan. One of the biggest risks to Bosnian/Azerbaijani
    society and economy at the moment is – what is called Human Flight & Brain Drain(E3) of the Fragility Index. By
    engaging young people in social action and to be responsible for their community, this could also be addressed.
  • Economy & Employers benefit – more young people have higher skills, decision-making, initiative and entrepreneurship – everything a developing state needs to succeed.

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