RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Gender Equity (RESOLVE: Equity) uses the power of informal learning through Dialogue, Play, Sport, Games to address & increase awareness gender-based inequalities & division which especially affects young people & their communities.

Throughout the activity, young people, especially young women, will participate on a unique transnational learning activity, developing leadership & team-working skills, social action & citizenship outlooks & a wide range of competences, essential for their communities & their country in order to breakdown gender inequality.

RESOLVE: Equity is a small European-wide partnership involving 5 partners and 2 youth exchange activities in:

- London, UK
- Tbilisi, Georgia

London, UK

Tbilisi, Georgia

With a particular emphasis on participants learning how to use Dialogue, Mediation, Play (simulation/theatre/role play techniques), Sport for Development tools to address gender inequalities, participants will develop as social leaders within their societies using the power of informal/non-formal learning to change their communities.

RESOLVE: Reconciliation for Gender Equity aims to grow and sustain a network of young Social Actors from the UK, Georgia, Italy, Morocco & Turkey while widening their understanding of Gender Inequality and the need for Gender Equity to resolve inter-gender conflict within our communities.

The thematic focus of the project will be on gender inequality, Women’s (and non-binary groups) Economic empowerment and address social marginalisation caused by gender inequality.

The RESOLVE: Equity programme will benefit 83 young people throughout the programme’s lifetime.

Participants will be aged 18 to 30 from UK, Georgia, Italy, Morocco and Turkey and have been based in a ‘live’ or community conflict or have experienced gender inequality. Furthermore, they will also be affected by socio-economic and wider disadvantages, for example: unemployment, under-employed, health/disability issues etc.

This project’s activities will be delivered between Spring and Summer 2021.

To apply, register here.

Alternatively, if you have already been involved in a RESOLVE programme,  please email  expressing your interest in the project.

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