Peace Praxis – peace building & conflcit resolution in Berlin

Asfar and a group of volunteers visited Berlin, Germany between 7th February to 12th February as delegates of the CRISP managed Erasmus+ Peace Praxis programme.

Organisations from Russia(Northern Caucasus), Ukraine, Denmark, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, as well as Asfar from the UK and CRISP from Germany, took part in a 5 day best practice and partnership building activity in peace building and conflict resolution. CRISP also platformed key conflict resolution and peace building activities, and how youth-led social action can make a difference to our societies.

Erasmus+ Peace Praxis also allowed participants to meet with German-based funding organisations, which resulted in some fascinating conversations about different types of programmes and funding opportunities with international bodies.

Asfar’s CEO, Sheniz Tan, is already planning new partnerships, youth programmes and conflict resolution activities. Anyone who would like to learn more and get involved, should contact Sheniz directly.



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