Online Event: a Gender-sensitive Approach to International Working & Volunteering

Working internationally and volunteering is a great way to gain unique work experience, develop essential team, leadership and sectorial skills and competencies and make a positive difference in the world. But we all know that volunteering in a different country or even community can sometimes be challenging.

A gender-sensitive approach to International Working/Volunteering means that participants are aware of the different roles and responsibilities men and women have in the community they are working in, and they take these differences into account. It’s important to understand and consider the gender dynamics of the community you are working in to ensure that your work has a positive impact.

If you are interested to find out more, join us on April 5th, for our special event: a Gender-sensitive Approach to International Working & Volunteering. You will be able to meet past participants, hear about their experiences and help us develop a Gender-Sensitive Guide – the Guide will help us ensure future participants are gender-sensitive during their placements.

The Event will be organised on April 5th, 6 pm. Register for the event here or directly join us.

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