Methodological Booklet – Global Learning Through Digital Stories

As part of the ALF project “Global Learning through Digital Stories”, Asfar with project partners create a platform for powerful, critical and meaningful dialogue for empowerment among young people, especially within marginalised groups. Through the project a storytelling platform was further developed as well as a Methodological Booklet which was created.

The purpose of this Methodological Booklet is to provide methodological background and reference for multipliers and policymakers related to the use of Global Learning and the inclusion of diverse voices. This booklet can be used for empowerment and inspiring intercultural communication among young people, especially within marginalised groups.

This Methodological Booklet contains the learning process and personal messages from participants who participated in the ’Global Learning thru Digital Stories’ project, and in addition increase engagement towards SDGs, specifically goals 10, 16 and 17.

This Methodological Booklet reflects the values promoted by the ALF partnership to embrace youth-led dialogues and frame and disseminate them in digital stories related to topics such as inequality reduction, solidarity, peace, justice, strong institutions and building partnerships.

The Booklet is available in English, Hungarian and Hebrew.

This project is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation and co-financed by the European Union.

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