LAB4GE Fourth Participatory Visit to the UK

On the first day, have been introduced to Asfar’s methodology and were introduced to the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies’ Social Enterprise Development Accelerator project.
Later partners found out more about the Gender Sensitive Approach which Asfar has developed as part of the project. The partners have done a small Gender-sensitive assessment skills workshop to increase their knowledge on how gender impacts an individual especially in developing a career in leadership and business.
During the second day, the partners were introduced to the Micro-tech method, which was focused on Gender Equality as the main micro-teach subject. This activity was followed by an activity on Gender Stereotypes. All of these activities Asfar has been running as part of the RESOLVE: Equity project. Partners as well have been introduced to RESOLVE – Asfar’s strategic model and Reconciliation for Gender Equality.

In the afternoon, the partners visited Queer Britain, the first dedicated LGBTQ museum in the UK and the ‘We Are Queer Britain’ exhibition, which is marking the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Pride March.
During the final day the LAB4GE partners have organised a management meeting to plan the next steps as part of the project, as well as the training course in Budapest, Hungary planned for October 2022.
In the afternoon, the partners visited Oitijo-jo Collective, a non-profit community organisation that creates a platform for and champions Bangla creativity through public events across London. The charities’ objectives are also to advance education and training in knowledge and skills relevant to the commercial practice of specific domestic crafts including but not restricted to creative work with foods and with fabrics, in particular among British Bengali women and young people.

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