International Traineeship 2022/2023 Launched

Asfar is happy to announce that our International Traineeship 2022/2023 programme has been officially launched.

Asfar’s International Traineeship is a 3-month work-based traineeship pilot funded by the Turing Scheme focused on Management skills, including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) & training, for a Participant aged 18 to 40, who is a current VET learner or recent VET graduate of a Level 3 and above qualification from the United Kingdom.

The Traineeship offer an unique opportunity for a Participant to work abroad, to learn about different global management processes, methods and techniques, while also developing essential team, leadership and sectorial skills and competencies. UK Learners will live in another country, learn a about a different culture and a new language and develop their global business skills.

This project will be implemented in 12 different locations and 14 learners will be able to benefit from this project and is funded by Turing Scheme.

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