Building a gender-equitable world: Media literacy, digital storytelling and social action towards achieving SDG5

The Building a gender-equitable world: Media literacy, digital storytelling and social action towards achieving SDG5 Online Activity is organised as part of the RESOLVE: New Youth Order project, providing an opportunity for youth leaders to engage and share their thoughts, opinions and participate in democratic practice.

As a RESOLVE programme, this Online Dialogue Activity will mobilise a range of reconciliation and peacebuilding techniques to achieve this including: People to people dialogue; Debate for Peace; Simulation games; Mediation techniques and Effective communication & advocacy.


  • To encourage youth leaders engagement with decision-makers in dialogue sessions to discuss the future of young people; address social intolerance and community xenophobia;
  • To capture youth workers views on key socio-economic-political issues in our world today causing conflict;
  • To analyse Social Action, civic responsibility and citizenship promotion in the work with youth
  • To receive inputs from youth worker on encouraging youth participation in the RESOLVE: Network – specifically in its governance, chairing of meetings and leading a peace network;


We will work online for 2 weeks. Each week we will have online meetings, of approx. 3 hours each. Please find the detailed plan below.

Week 1 ( From 24th May) 3 pm CET

  • Day 1. Panel Discussion: The Female Migrant Experience: Women face a double challenge as migrants.
  • Day 2. Introductions, effective communication skills and media literacy 
  • Day 3. Learning how to share stories and the basics of digital storytelling with a focus on SDG5 – Gender Equity

Week 2 (31st May and 1st of June) – 3 pm CET

  • Day 4. Reconciliation Simulation games with youth leaders representing different democratic institutions and replicating the roles of decision-makers;
  • Day 5. Campaigning for Gender Equity followed by an introduction of different initiatives organised by project partners with a focus on gender equity.

Your full participation and commitment during all the activities is required to take part in the workshop. We encourage participants to ensure they have a working camera and microphone before participating.

If you are coming from the UK, you may be selected to join our Dialogue Activity in Sweden. For participants from Sweden, Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you may be selected to join our Dialogue Activity in London.


This Online Dialogue Activity is for young youth leaders, youth workers, team leaders etc, but will be open for everyone as it is an online event, everyone who is affected by conflict and interested in becoming a future leader. In particular, we welcome participants from more diverse backgrounds to participate.

The course is open to participants from the UK, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Azerbaijan, but as this activity is Online we will also review applications from other Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries.

More information is available on the project’s website:

If you want to join, register here by the 24th:

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