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Asfar CIC is an international development NGO which aspires to make a difference in our society, through providing opportunities for the next generation of young people and young adults both in the UK, the Middle East and the rest of the world through: educational, skills and development programmes, cultural exchanges and by supporting fellow NGOs, charities, educational and voluntary organisations to develop, ensuring their sustainability in an ever difficult sector.

Asfar now seeks to take one step further towards our objectives, designing and delivering more programmes to support a wider group of individuals, especially in the Middle East from 2016 onwards. In order to achieve this, Asfar is now seeking a Fundraising Volunteer to make our objectives a reality.


Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in Asfar, develop our Fundraising strategy and support our Fundraising activity.

The Fundraising Volunteer develops and implements fundraising strategies and actions according to Asfar’s key long term goals, incorporating varied sources of funding.

You will be involved the following areas including:

  • Development of a medium term fundraising plan
  • Designing and writing applications to relevant sources for funding (including Trusts & Foundations, statutory sources, Major Donors and Lottery funds)
  • On-going support to staff in developing effective fundraising practices
  • Support in the creation of a new Asfar-led charitable organisation.


Desired Experience:


  1. Excellent Writing Skills
  2. Genuine interest and/or related experience in fundraising.
  3. Transferable skills in one or more areas of fund-raising, marketing, communications, public relations, promotion, stakeholder relations, etc.
  4. Time and energy to contribute as a member and active volunteer Asfar’s Fundraising sub committee


The ideal candidate will have experience working in a cross section of the corporate, social enterprise and charity sectors, as well as international development, youth, sport for development, education and/or community sectors.

A detailed understanding of, and passion for the young people and international development underpinning Asfar’s aims and objectives ( and mission statement is essential.

Experience/knowledge of fundraising in the international development and youth sector is preferred.


How to apply?

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter, explaining why you are best suited to this opportunity based on the Job Description addressed to Sheniz Tan at 

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